Guided tours

You are more than welcome to take a tour of the Gouvernement aan de Maas, Limburg's provincial government buildings located on the Meuse river.
We offer you the opportunity to find out about the building and the organization. Whilst tours are free, you do need to book them in advance.

The programme lasts half an hour and consists of a tour through the government department of the Limburg provincial government buildings, including a short explanation of the role of the provincial government. The visit ends with refreshments in the staff restaurant.

Groups must contain a minimum of fifteen people. The maximum number of people is limited to fifty.

You can book a tour at the earliest three months and at the latest one month before the date planned in order to coordinate your tour with other planned activities in the building. You will receive a confirmation e-mail, subject to the availability of guides and the building.

If there are receptions or meetings taking place in the government department during your reserved slot, you may be unable to visit some rooms. We ask for your understanding in this respect.

The Gouvernement aan de Maas is closed on weekends and public holidays.