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English information spatial policies

This concerns English information about provincial, (inter)national and/or crossborder aspects of spacial planning.

  • The Province’s role in spatial planning in Limburg

    Limburg has 1.1 million people living in an area of 2200 square kilometres. We are proud of our landscape and we value our villages and towns. But we live in a dynamic world that requires space: space for towns and villages to grow, for companies to expand, for leisure facilities and nature conservation, for agriculture, and for water management. We can usually use space for only one purpose at a time. And the way we use it must be modified constantly to meet today’s requirements.
  • How does the Province make development possible?

    The Province has developed a new set of instruments that it uses to find solutions to spatial problems, in cooperation with the municipal authorities.
  • The “Lille Treaty” : 5 priorities for development planning in Limburg

    It all works better when we work together.The Netherlands is entering an era in which it is taking a new look at spatial planning, with an approach known as development planning. The focus has shifted from the rules to the targets. This new perspective represents a break with the past, in Limburg and elsewhere.Although the Province and the municipal authorities each have their separate responsibilities within this approach, they act as a team to achieve more efficiency, greater impact, and better results.
  • German-dutch actionmap crossborder spatial developments

    On february 27th 2008, the Dutch-German Commission for Spatial Planning, southern sub-Commission, approved a crossborder actionmap which shows the most important spatial developments along the german-dutch border from the central part of the dutch province of Overijssel until the southern part of Limburg (NL) near Vaals (NL) - Aachen (D).